Funnel all your online orders received from your own website/app, third party delivery partners or food aggregators onto one common dashboard, thus make order management a hassle free job.

Get All Orders on a Single Dashboard | Update Menus Across Aggregators | Increase Your Order Acceptance Rate

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Product Features

Order Aggregation

Use only one dashboard to manage your own website, third-party delivery partners and food aggregators.

Online Food Ordering from your Website and Facebook page

Give your Customers the ability to order directly from your website and Facebook page.

DIY Dashboard

Customize your menu, delivery times, and other order settings from the inResto Dashboard.

Loyalty and Re-targeting campaigns

Get to know your Customers better than ever. Run your own customized loyalty and re-targeting campaigns through the inResto dashboard.

Update Your Menu Items Instantly

Add new items or remove old ones from your menu with a single click across all food aggregators.

Offer And Discount Management

Run exclusive offers on your own website like Buy 1 Get 1, itemized discounts or an offer on the total bill.

Your Customized App

Our whitelabel apps can be customized to reflect your restaurant theme so that your customers have brand recall of your business. Placing an online order is a seamless four step procedure. Your customers will love it!

Your Online Ordering Platform

Your dashboard is the most optimum way to manage live orders you receive from various channels. You also have access to all the previous orders, analytics over them and tools to manage your online ordering settings and fine tune your business strategy by running campaigns, offers, loyalty programs etc.

Restaurant Dashboard

Be in charge of your business. Use the restaurant dashboard to measure and act. Measure how your business is performing by looking at analytics on your dashboard and then use the tools provided by us to fine tune your strategy and grow your business.

Marketing Services

There is only so much a business can do without digital marketing in today's era. Our dedicated team provides support with custom marketing campaigns, SEO and SEM to boost customer engagement and increase sales. Drive more orders, more app downloads and more page views of your website. When you become famous, we become happy.

We have a range of plans that are custom made for you.

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